Day: June 27, 2016

Symptoms of Decay

I have not been impressed with the photography coming out of New York City for quite some time. I canceled my subscription to Aperture magazine some years ago because of the drivel appearing there. (O.K. drivel is perhaps too value laden a description. Let’s just say I didn’t relate to it, often to the point of disgust.) Here’s another example of what I see as a very unhealthy trend in the quality of the photography scene there :

International Center of Photography review – less exhibit than Pinterest board


Rapid City, South Dakota

I’ve been to Rapid City several times in the last few years and have enjoyed the graffiti alley downtown on each visit. There is a pretty quick turnover in art in the alley. I was last there shortly after Prince’s death and was not surprised to see this memorial to him. (Perhaps the only surprise is that, given the media attention to his death, the memorial was so small.)