POTD: Woodpile Patterns

POTD: Woodpile PatternsWoodpile Patterns
Lin’an, China

Neatly stacked firewood, with bamboo sections (on the right) creating an interesting pattern that you don’t see in woodpiles in the U.S.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Woodpile Patterns”

  1. This is fascinating….I had to really study the “curly” logs to discover that it was bamboo “pipes” cut in half lengthwise, as well as chopped into shorter pieces. I wonder if it is slow or fast burning compared to the wood and how much smoke it gives off compared to wood.

    1. Bamboo is pretty fast growing so I imagine it’s a pretty soft wood with burn characteristics somewhat similar to aspen or cottonwood. Not the best fuel but readily available and very renewable.

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