POTD: Upward

POTD: UpwardUpward
Elgin, Scotland

Part of the roof of the octagonal chapter house at the Elgin Cathedral. It’s an interesting and complicated design made even more so when you realize it’s all made of stone.

5 thoughts on “POTD: Upward”

  1. Amazing and beautiful in its symmetry and craftsmanship! The photo captures this nicely. Must have been really impressive in person!

    1. Thanks Kathy and Allan. As far as whether or not any masons could build that today, I’m pretty sure the talent is out there that could do it. The more pressing question would be, could anyone afford to pay them to do it?

    1. I have read Pillars of the Earth (not the sequel though). And I thought about the daily lives he described in that book while we were touring the various ruins on our trip.

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