POTD: Spring Hike

POTD: Spring HikeSpring Hike
Storm Castle Mountain, Montana

Storm Castle Mountain lived up to it’s name when a friend and I hiked to the top yesterday. Fortunately our hike was not during the actual storm, rather it was just after the storm had passed through the night before. We started out in brisk, overcast weather but hit snow and fog a few hundred feet below the summit. In spite of how it might look, it was actually a very pleasant hike, even in the snowy parts, largely due to the absence of any significant wind. It was very pretty with the fog and the hoarfrost on the trees. My only complaint was the view from the top was not the expansive views up the canyon we expected. Instead we sat on the edge of a cliff and stared out into a monochrome, neutral gray scene of fog.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Spring Hike”

  1. This is a great photo! I’m a sucker for fog! 😉 It almost has an infrared appearance! Sorry that you were robbed of a vista. Next time….

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