Packing the Van

PICT0031I don’t leave for the Downtown Denver Art Festival for a few days yet but I’ve already been packing my van.. Every year I change the mix of boxes, equipment etc. somewhat so I have to make sure everything still fits nicely. I’m a real stickler when it comes to the way I load the van; I don’t like things sliding or bouncing around so everything has to fit snugly, but not too tight.

A pet peeve of mine is rattles, clanks, and other noises in moving vehicles. The Fashion Queen can attest to that–many a time I’ve had her crawling around the car looking for the source of an odd noise while I drive. You can imagine what a challenge eliminating noise in a van full of miscellaneous boxes, booth tent poles etc. (Do you suppose that’s why the Fashion Queen only accompanies me to a select few out of town art shows?) I remember one trip where I must have pulled off the road 10 times in the first 50 miles after leaving an art show to try and adjust things to eliminate a particularly annoying clanking sound I just couldn’t figure out the source of.

3 thoughts on “Packing the Van”

  1. you sound just like Miles when we travel. no rattles! find it! where’s your tent? see you at DDAF – travel safely. i haven’t started to pack my suv yet…. lots left to do.

    1. Glad you and Miles are going to be there Mary. (Not surprised but glad.) I’m booth 127, about about you? Hope you have a rattle-free drive as well.

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