Under the Gum Tree

Under the Gum Tree is a “literary micro-magazine” that is published both electronically and in hard copy. They specialize in creative nonfiction writing and also the visual arts. Recently they asked me if they could publish some of my work, in particular parts of my Lives Real and Imagined project.

When I got my hard copies of the magazine I was impressed with the quality of the presentation, both of my work and that of Gale Hart, the visual other artist in that issue. They may be a small outfit but they do an impressive job. My work presents as well there as it did when it was published in Lenswork magazine in 2013. (Technically the printed images in Lenswork are of better quality, that is just one aspect of how work comes across in a magazine.)

In conjunction with the publication, the magazine interviewed me via email. If you are so inclined, you can read the results on their blog here.

2 thoughts on “Under the Gum Tree”

  1. I nearly missed this. Congrats! Good interview, too. There were some interesting insights on your thought processes I don’t believe I had heard in previous interviews. I purchased the digital version. It’s a very creative publication. How did they discover your work?

    1. Thanks Betty. A lot of the interview stuff was excerpted from previous things I’ve written but a bit of it was new. I guess it makes sense that my feelings about my work would evolve over time, just like the work does. Under the Elm Tree contacted me about publishing the work. I didn’t ask (but should have) where they found it. I’d guess maybe from Lenswork magazine?

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