POTD: Roof Kite

POTD: Roof KiteRoof Kite Neenah, Wisconsin 2014

I took this photo from our hotel room in Neenah looking down on a flat roof below us.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Roof Kite”

  1. Cool, Larry! Would making the “sky” lighter in tone help intensify the “kite” appearance? If it were my image (which it’s obviously not), I might tilt the photo so that the “string” is more vertical & the “kite” is more diamond shaped…..But I like your imagination here too!

    1. Thanks for the comments Kathy. My default tendency seems to be to bump up the contrast in my images so it’s ironic that when I resist that urge I get encouraged to indulge in it. As for angling the photo to make it look more like a kite, think box kite and it’s better the way it is. Besides, the kite association wasn’t really the reason I took this photo, I just liked the simplicity and the arrangement of the abstract elements. This might be a good example of where naming a photograph distracts from interpreting it properly. Perhaps in the tradition of Siskind, I should have just called it Neenah No. 12. Or maybe I could go the art-speak route to imbue it with apparently deep meaning–I consulted my random abstract art title generator and came up with The Dimension of Innocence. Yeah, that ought to do it. 🙂

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