POTD: Fishing in the Rain

POTD: Fishing in the RainFishing in the Rain Neenah, Wisconsin 2014


7 thoughts on “POTD: Fishing in the Rain”

  1. Larry, I’ll try to restate my previous comments. I must not have hit the post command. I really like this photo. The strong composition grabbed me. A somewhat subtle feature that works for me in strengthening the left side of the photo is the vertcal light gray shape where the water isn’t reflecting the trees. That gray tone continues in the sky above the tree line.

    1. Thanks for trying again with your comments Betty. I hadn’t noticed the light gray streak in the water before you mentioned it. I believe it helps balance the left side of the image with the right by repeating the vertical lines of the trees. Because I liked the strong composition from the get-go, it makes me wonder if I was drawn to it in part because I had subconsciously noted the line in the water. That’s something that I wonder about quite a bit since I don’t consciously analyze the features in a scene when taking photos but often note things afterward that I believe make them good compositions.

    1. That’s certainly true in my case but I still wonder if specific items in a composition are noted subconsciously or if the response is more holistic than that, i.e., as one undifferentiated scene without any subconscious analytical breakdown or analysis of the scene. Obviously brain science isn’t my strong suit!

  2. I like the photo, however considering the Zippy Pinhead strip just before, all I can think is that tree would make a very large pile of a recontextualized site specific installation of a concept. I had an office mate at Bell Labs back in the early 80s that was a big Zippy fan, he was always quoting lines from Zippy. I haven’t seen the strip in years.

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