POTD: A Little Rain

POTD: A Little RainA Little Rain Big Wood River, Idaho 2014

A little rain can make for some nice photo opportunities such as this one that I took near my campsite on the Big Wood River in Idaho where I was staying while exhibiting at the Sun Valley Center Arts and Crafts Festival last weekend. A little rain doesn’t really affect attendance at an art show much. A lot of rain and the crowds thin out considerably. Add in hail and lightning and they pretty much disappear altogether. For safety reasons, the lightning actually caused the organizers to close the show for the afternoon last Friday. The water was so deep on the art show grounds and in the gutters on the walk back to my car that I had to wade over my ankles so my shoes and socks got soaked. It was the only pair of shoes I brought so I walked around in squishy shoes until they dried out the next day.

hail storm Sun ValleySun Valley Center Arts and Crafts Festival, 2014


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