POTD: Snowblind

POTD: SnowblindSnowblind Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2014

We have good friends who are among the ranks of Yellowstone National Park’s serious wolf watchers, spending hours and days looking for and peering through spotting scopes observing wolves and other wildlife. (Hi Ned and Teresa!) I like viewing wildlife as well, but am mostly content to wait for them to present themselves to me unexpectedly. That’s exactly what this wolf did a few weeks ago when I was driving back to Mammoth Hot Springs after skiing. I got some easy close-up photos of the wolf, but they didn’t really distinguish themselves from all the excellent photos that the wolf watchers have amassed since the wolves’ reintroduction into Yellowstone a couple of decades ago. So I felt compelled to take a little artistic license with this one.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Snowblind”

  1. LOVE this treatment of your photo! It completely says wolf in winter snow to me…probably more than the amount of actual snow around at the time! Printing on textured paper could extend the artistic license.

    1. Thanks Kathy. There was a lot of snow around at the time and the wolf was backlit on a bright, sunny day; so the notion of being snowblind wouldn’t have been too far off if it weren’t for the sunglasses I was wearing.

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