POTD: Swinging Bridge

POTD: Swinging BridgeSwinging Bridge Spokane,Washington 2013

This footbridge runs across the Spokane River just north of town where I camped one night.


3 thoughts on “POTD: Swinging Bridge”

  1. Ah… such memories – that bridge used to scare me! Right near the rocks shaped like the “Bowl and Pitcher”. Really enjoying these photos from Spokane.

    1. Judy, you are right. It was the Bowl and Pitcher campground where I was staying. That’s a really beautiful area. I have more photos of Spokane but I think I’ll be switching to Arizona photos now. If I get a reliable internet connection I’ll send you the other Spokane shots for your enjoyment though. (Bug me if I forget to do it.)

  2. Thanks, Larry – would be fun to see more Spokane photos. Looks like a fun place you are staying at in AZ. What fun that you can travel around and take pictures all you want!

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