POTD: Agave in Fog

POTD: Agave in FogAgave in FogSpokane, Washington 2013

Last week I took a quick trip to Spokane to deliver some work to a gallery. While there I visited the Gaiser Conservatory at Manito Park. The greenhouses at the conservatory were warm and humid while it was chilly, in fact near near freezing outside, so when I walked in my glasses as well as my camera lens fogged up. I waited until my glasses cleared up to start taking photos, but it turns out my camera lens wasn’t yet clear. So this is indeed a photo of an agave in fog, just not the kind of fog you’re used to thinking about.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Agave in Fog”

  1. Cool! No pun intended! 🙂 I have a photo of mountains in Glacier that look like they’re hidden in fog when it’s really smoke! Like your agave, the peaks are barely discernible. I like the effect.

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