August 2013

POTD: Seriously Charming

POTD: Seriously CharmingSeriously Charming Bozeman, Montana 2013

It’s a little hard to tell from this close-up shot perhaps but this young woman is right in the middle of her barrel racing run at the rodeo. There’s nothing dainty about riding a horse as fast as you can while circling around barrels, as I found out when photographing close enough to the action to be in the trajectory of all the dirt the horse’s hooves kicked up when turning tightly around a barrel near me. It’s like a four-legged freight train going by. But this rider still seems to look, if not dainty, quite elegant in a rodeo queen kind of way. I found the dangling earrings a particularly charming contrast with her look of concentration and the intense action going on.]]>

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POTD: Go Rope Yourself

POTD: Go Rope YourselfGo Rope Yourself Bozeman, Montana 2013

At first glance it looks like this cowboy is in the process of roping himself rather than the calf he is after. (Just for fun, I was tempted to use Photoshop to hide the part of the rope going across the front of his hat to really make it look that way.) If he were to actually rope himself by accident, I’m sure all those fine fellows behind him would have all sorts of advice regarding the situation, e.g., how he might as well go ahead and hogtie himself too as long as he was at it.]]>

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POTD: Rodeo Two-Step

POTD: Rodeo Two-StepRodeo Two-Step Bozeman, Montana 2013

I think the reason this guy has his right foot so high up in the air is because he’s still in the process of getting off his horse. Once the rider ropes the calf and starts to dismount, the horse is trained to start backing up in order to keep the line taut; so shortly after the boot clears the stirrup (way before it has time to hit the ground) the horse has already stepped back a couple of feet.]]>

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POTD: Zen Rodeo

POTD: Zen RodeoZen Rodeo Bozeman, Montana 2013

The best rodeo performers know how to become one with their horse. By all appearances that’s happening almost literally in this case. Good thing too; you don’t want to mess up with all those knowledgeable critiquers in the peanut gallery watching so intently.]]>

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POTD: Ropes and Reins

POTD: Ropes and ReinsRopes and Reins Bozeman, Montana 2013

I don’t know, even if I could throw a lasso I’m not sure I could do it from a horse. With the rope and the reins and all, there’s a lot to keep track off. And of course then the horse starts moving.]]>

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POTD: The Right Rope

POTD: The Right RopeThe Right Rope Bozeman, Montana 2013

Being a cowboy and Indian kind of guy when I was a kid I of course more than once tried to rope something just like they did on TV. I never got anywhere with it and remember being frustrated that I couldn’t even get the rope to form an open look like the real cowboys always seem to do easily. It wasn’t until I was in college I think that I happened to get my hands on a real lariat rope and found out how stiff they are. That solved a big mystery for me. I was still totally worthless trying to actually rope anything but at least I could make an appropriate loop. Heck even a kid can do that.]]>

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