POTD: Lectio #44

POTD: Lectio #44Lectio #44 Bozeman, Montana 2013

All the action going on at the rodeo and nine of the eleven people in this photo seem to be watching the guy reading something on his smart phone.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Lectio #44”

  1. I find it interesting that in both this and the previous photo the repetition of cowboy hats provides a rhythmic component to the overall design of the work. The same holds true of the jeaned legs in this photo. There always seems to be someone who stands out in the crowd: the guy with the phone, the two with patterned boots, and the gal with the royal sash (probably the rodeo queen) who is wearing darker jeans. And then there are the 4 black hats sitting together…. just imagine if there were audio!

    1. Thanks for the comments Betty. Unlike the Ropes and Reins shot you commented on two days ago, on this one I was well aware of the structure of the photo when I took it, i.e., the repeating cowboy hats, knees and boots. The long, narrow crop of the image was intended to accentuate the patterns.

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