POTD: The Right Rope

POTD: The Right RopeThe Right Rope Bozeman, Montana 2013

Being a cowboy and Indian kind of guy when I was a kid I of course more than once tried to rope something just like they did on TV. I never got anywhere with it and remember being frustrated that I couldn’t even get the rope to form an open look like the real cowboys always seem to do easily. It wasn’t until I was in college I think that I happened to get my hands on a real lariat rope and found out how stiff they are. That solved a big mystery for me. I was still totally worthless trying to actually rope anything but at least I could make an appropriate loop. Heck even a kid can do that.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: The Right Rope”

  1. This makes a nice photo. Is that horse looking right at you? A professional rodeo cowboy who grew up here started by climbing up on the arm of the divan and roping his Fisher Price Molly Moo Cow as a two-year old. An early start and a pro rodeo family doesn’t hurt apparently.

    1. Thanks Betty. I think that horse was looking at the rope, probably hoping it wasn’t meant for him! Now I see what my roping problem was as a child; not only did I not start early enough and had the wrong kind of rope, I never had a Molly Moo Cow either. Otherwise I could have been famous too. 🙂

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