POTD: Just Another Face in the Crowd

POTD: Just Another Face in the CrowdJust Another Face in the Crowd Bozeman, Montana 2013

Rodeos are really fun to watch, although you can’t tell that from this somber bunch.


3 thoughts on “POTD: Just Another Face in the Crowd”

  1. I’m glad someone else noticed that. When I worked in AZ we would go to local rodeos at night for something to do (Prescott, Showlow, Snowflake, etc.) and we always noticed that everyone was somber or seemed disinterested unless one of the riders was getting the “you-know-what” kicked out of him by whatever animal (bronc/bull) he was on. Guess they were on the animal’s side.

    1. Mike, I wonder if it’s the same for other kinds of events (ball games, concerts or whatever) or if this is something particular to rodeos. I guess I’ve never spent that much time surveying the looks on faces in crowds of spectators like that.

  2. A recent poll of AAA baseball attendees showed that 66% didn’t know who was playing; 66% didn’t know the score or much about the game but (from the same samples) 98% said they loved coming to the ball games. I noticed at AAA games most people seemed to be talking, eating/drinking or eating/drinking a lot except when they hear the crack of the bat then a general look of terror takes hold as they anxiously seek out the ball which they hope won’t be coming their way at 90 mph+. Maybe people just like going to events, etc. Seems like the rabid fans go to the professional games.

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