POTD: Lectio #30

POTD: Lectio #30Lectio #30 Paris, France 2013

This was in the courtyard of the hotel we stayed at the airport before leaving Paris. Looks like the bush behind the guy is reading over his shoulder, maybe even trying to turn the page. I really find the round vent, or light fixture next to the guy’s leg distracting. Probably should have taken it out.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Lectio #30”

  1. “They” say that the image’s composition is supposed to pull the eye from left to right and the vent seems to do that. Given the top of the image’s softened polygonal edges of the shrubs and main figures and the rectangular nature of the bottom of the image I think the round geometric interesting; maybe knock the hue intensity of the vent down a couple of notches?

    1. Steve I think the vent does pull the eye that direction, but too far–it tends to drag my eye right past the statuary. But you are certainly right that just toning down the brightness of the vent would solve that problem. I’ll do that before the image is hung in the Guggenheim. 🙂

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