POTD: Walk Out in the Rain

POTD: Walk Out in the RainWalk Out in the Rain Paris, France 2013

It didn’t rain that much while we were in Paris, but boy does this photo represent what’s been going on around here in our part of Montana the last couple of weeks. The amount of rain (several inches) we’ve received during this time doesn’t even amount to what locations in the Midwest often see in a single day, but given we get an average of only 15″ in a year it’s a big deal.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Walk Out in the Rain”

  1. I love this photo, both compositionally and in content. I like that we can see the expression on the gentleman’s face, somewhat pleasant and intent on where he’s walking. I imagine he’s rather proper and classy. Even has an elegantly striped umbrella.

    1. Thanks Betty. I was wondering why it seemed so appealing to me, given its such an ordinary shot in a lot of ways. (Must be millions of shots out there already of people with umbrellas–a number of them belonging to me.) Your description help me pin down why I like it.

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