POTD: The Swiss Embassy

RX0623 The Swiss Embassy Paris, France 2013

O.K., O.K., it’s not really the Swiss Embassy but it ought to be. It’s actually a building at or near the Arab Institute in Paris. I thought the holey screen in front of the windows served as a sunshade but that side of the building was oriented more or less toward the north, so it may have been purely decorative.]]>

6 thoughts on “POTD: The Swiss Embassy”

  1. I love your title for this photo! It would be fun to go into this building and look out the windows to see what the world would look like through all the various-sized holes.
    The “holey screen” reminds me a green plastic template thing of my dad’s which had holes of all sizes to aid in drawing circles. I don’t know why he had it, but I spent a lot of hours drawing people and designs made of circles drawn with that thing.

    1. Kathy you should see the other side of the building. It has a regular grid of circles complete with irises that open and close like camera lenses to control the light coming in. I have photo of them I think–will post it one of these days.

  2. Are you saying this is cheesy? I am wondering what Danny the architect thinks of this design concept. The holes look very random at first, but then you can see there are several duplicate panels in various arrangements. It may have been a difficult concept to convey to the builder who could have just tossed a coin to see which style of panel to add next.

    1. Betty, that building was no cheesier than your comment. 🙂 For all we know, maybe the builder did put all those panels up there whichever way he felt like it!

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