POTD: Closing Time

POTD: Closing TimeClosing Time Bozeman, Montana 2013

I’m going to pack my lunch in the morning And go to work each day And when the evening rolls around I’ll go on home and lay my body down And when the morning light comes streaming in I’ll get up and do it again Amen

–Jackson Browne


7 thoughts on “POTD: Closing Time”

  1. I really like this, both compositionally and the message it conveys. Interesting patterns the chair legs make. And I must say, whatever font is used on the window is much more dynamic than helvetica. It, along with the circular frame and waste can top, adds a “roundness” to the design. Perfect poem to go with it. When you photographed this, did you arrive too late to be served or were you being kicked out because it was closing time 🙂

    1. Thanks Betty, I always look forward to your analysis of my images. I hadn’t noticed the roundness them, although that place is filled with those round frames. This is the little French cafe in Bozeman we occasionally stop in at for a treat or cup of tea. (I guess it’s reasonably authentic–at least the owners are from France.) This night though I just wandered by on my daily walk.

  2. After the simplicity of your previous two postings, japanese and tao-like to me, something about the mechanistic construct of the cafe washdown effectively contrasted the two worldviews. (That Jackson Brown song always depressed me- but then, almost everything Jackson Brown sang depressed me……).

    1. Steve, that’s an interesting observation. I often try to make a reasonable day-to-day sequence out of the POTDs (by whatever definition of reasonable seems appropriate at the time) but have to admit this time there was no intentional ordering, just a serendipitous enhancement to the images by their temporal (dare I say it) juxtaposition. Yeah, I agree about that song and Jackson Browne in general. (Spelled his name wrong in the post didn’t I.) Well, maybe I don’t agree that it’s all depressing but it’s certainly not “happy-time” music. I had a friend in Alaska who called him Jackson Frown. Still I enjoy his music. Heart of Saturday Night as covered by Tom Waits is a huge favorite of mine.

  3. This is a very strong image, Larry. I like the “roundness” that Betty mentions. It’s also repeated in the tables, the tops of the overturned stools and the leg supports on stools & chairs. Besides, the converging lines of the hallway & his mop, the furniture arrangement and even the slightly out of focus writing on the window all create depth and lead the eye to the man. Good Seeing!

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