February 24, 2013

POTD: Snow Envy

POTD: Snow EnvySnow EnvyBozeman, Montana 2013

I see that my home town of Wichita, Kansas just got 14.2 inches of snow the other day. That’s the second greatest snowfall from any storm ever recorded there. I was living in Wichita in 1962 when the record of something like 17 inches was set. I don’t remember that storm in particular but I do remember the one in 1970 that dumped the most snowfall in any 24 hour period(13.5 inches).

It seems like we used to get that kind of snow in Montana fairly regularly, but haven’t in a long time. I miss the occasional storm that literally stops us in our tracks for a day or two. It was snowing hard when I got up yesterday morning, so I took a walk, hoping it would be one of those large dumps. Alas, it stopped at about 4 inches I think. I did get some nice shots though, including this one which reminds me of a similar one I took in Wichita back around the time of the 1970 dump there. I remember it because it was my first photo publication ever, picked as a winner in a photo competition put on by the Wichita Eagle newspaper. (Or was it already the Eagle-Beacon by then?)


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