January 2013

POTD: Raven on Patrol

Raven on Patrol Bozeman, Montana 2013

This was a quick grabshot of a raven that I didn’t like at all in black and white (go figure); but in color I found the subtle shades and pattern in the back ground along the with the tree leaves in the foreground, really set off the raven in flight.]]>

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POTD: Practicing Your French

Practicing Your French Bozeman, Montana 2013

The Fashion Queen arriving to meet me at the little French cafe in Bozeman. We’re headed to Paris in a few months and this is a good way to get ready for that trip. At least it’s good in terms of practicing eating French food; I’m afraid our almost non-existent French language skills aren’t going to improve much just by drinking tea and eating eclairs, however authentic they are.]]>

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POTD: Colonies and Rafts

Colonies and Rafts Heceta Head, Oregon 2013

What’s louder than the surf crashing on the rocks? Sea lions lounging on and near the shore. While stopped at an overlook taking in the far view, the sound of this colony and pod drew me to the edge to look down. (A group of sea lions on the shore is called a colony; floating on the water they are called a raft–or so I read.)]]>

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POTD: The Forest of Fangorn

The Forest of Fangorn Heceta Head, Oregon 2013

I just saw the movie The Hobbit yesterday and this trail connects into the Hobbit Trail to Hobbit Beach, so the name for this photo came to mind quite naturally. (Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t actually think of the name Fangorn directly; I’m not enough of a Tolkien fanatic to remember that detail from the books. It was his Ent character named Treebeard  who came to mind, but when I looked him up on the internet it indicated the Ents lived in the Forest of Fangorn.)]]>

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POTD: Wild Child

Wild Child Heceta Head, Oregon 2013

Some fog-shrouded trees on Heceta Head, with spiny lower branches that all succumbed; to lack of light I assume. Interesting that one unique branch tried to sprint for the upper story of the forest, with some limited success before it too died.]]>

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POTD: Coastal Compulsory

Coastal Compulsory Heceta Head, Oregon 2013

You can’t hardly visit a rocky coast without photographing a lighthouse; in fact I think it’s required. 🙂 The Heceta Head lighthouse was the only one we got up close to on this trip and access to it was difficult due to renovations that had it fenced off. So all I got was this rather standard view of it, which I post because, like I said, I think it’s required.]]>

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