POTD: Skirting the Edge

Skirting the Edge Heceta Head, Oregon 2013

Light filtering in from the edge of the forest, which the trail was paralleling because it was also the edge of a cliff dropping to the ocean below.]]>

6 thoughts on “POTD: Skirting the Edge”

  1. This photo is kindness to my eyes this morning. I especially like the light filtering through on the left and the softness at the top. Oh, and the dark tree that is just right of the trail, close to the center of the photo. You and nature do good work together!

    1. Thanks Carol and Judy. “Kindness to my eyes”–what a lovely way to describe a piece of artwork. Judy, this image is a fairly straight image (as opposed to some which I work on a lot) so the painterly look is due primarily to the fog and the lighting that was actually there.

  2. I might like this one even better than yesterday’s photo. I’d say walking in the mist was worth it. Did you meet any fairy tail characters on that path? 😉

    1. Oh, I kind of like the imagery that “fairy tail” brought up in my mind. 😉 The whole area was mystical feeling enough in the rain and fog that I wouldn’t have been too surprised to see a unicorn or two wandering through.

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