Bargain Prices on a Few Artist's Proofs

pano Here are a couple of zoomed photos with descriptions and prices of the work for sale: RX0074 The two proof prints of the crow photo, Night Moves, on the wall are for sale. You can compare them to the final float-framed print on the floor. The actual differences between these three prints in this photo are not really noticeable at all. (There is more difference due to the lighting in the room than what actually exists in the images themselves.) These photos are 34″x34,” printed on 36″ paper. There may be tape marks on the white border of the prints from where they where hung on the wall. The final finished print, without framing, will sell for $595. These two proof prints are for sale for $75 each, including shipping (rolled in a shipping tube) in the continental U.S. At a price little more than the cost of production, this is a real bargain.

Above the Night Moves photos is a photo titled Fallow Field Matrix, an expanded version of a triptych I published on this blog some time back. This is one of my current favorite images and we have a framed version of it hanging on the wall in our dining room right now.


The proof print is just like the one in our dining room except it is printed on matte rather than luster paper. It measures 24″x32,” printed on 36″ paper and also may have tape marks in the border. The price for this proof print is $70, including shipping in the continental U.S.


This final proof print is of the photo titled The Secret of the Rooky Wood. It is the same dimensions as the Night Moves images described above and is also for sale for $75.

To purchase one of these four proof prints, you will need to contact me via email and I will instruct you how to make payment via credit card, PayPal or personal check. Obviously there are only these four prints available at these proof prices, and it’s first come, first served, so don’t hesitate if you are interested!


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