POTD: Making Fossils #5

Making Fossils #5 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 2013

This branch is starting to look like some undersea coral formation.


3 thoughts on “POTD: Making Fossils #5”

  1. I really like this Making Fossils series. Such unexpected forms. What I recall about the part of Mammoth Springs we saw was that everything looked very yellow. Black and white is good choice for these pictures. Are these forms all underwater? I don’t see any reflections. The first glance at this one brought to mind the diamond jewelry touted in the recent overrun of commercials as the perfect gift to wow your valentine. Perhaps a good inspiration for a jewelry designer.

    1. Thanks Betty and Connie for comments on the colors. I recall the colors of these particular pools as being rather dull browns and blacks, probably indicating a lower water temperature than the hotter parts of the springs. I never thought how they might relate to the backgrounds I’ve been using in my composite photos, might need to go back and take another look–might be some more compilation material. Betty these forms were in fact underwater. There was a lot of reflection but I avoided most of it by shooting at an angle that minimized it. The rest of it was eliminated (or at least made less obvious) by adjusting the contrast.

  2. I’m surprised that you did not develop this series in the original (but enhanced) colors. The colors reminded me a lot of the backgrounds you are using now in your complilations.

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