POTD: Small Bounty

Small Bounty Bozeman, Montana 2012

They’re forecasting a high of 35 degrees for tomorrow along with mixed snow and rain, so Connie finished harvesting her small, 4’x8′ garden. This is what she got from the one row of carrots she planted (minus some we already harvested and ate.) Along with the carrots she got a couple gallons of beans, a big bowl of peas (would have had buckets of them except the marmots decided they liked pea plants–pods, leaves, stems, and all), bunches of lettuce, a pile of green onions, and a couple of small beets. Not bad for a 32 square foot garden.]]>

4 thoughts on “POTD: Small Bounty”

  1. If this were on facebook, I’d like it …. both for the photo and for the bounty in small plots. Enjoy it and bundle up!

  2. Me too…got snow on the mtns around Missoula this morning! Goodbye summer, hello winter! 🙂 Should help put the fires out.

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