POTD: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Paris, France 2002

I was spending some time in the WABAC Machine (a.k.a. in my case as the many folders of old photos on my hard drive) and came across this from my photos of Paris ten years ago. (“Mr. Sherman, set the WABAC machine to Paris in 2002.”) It was taken with my first ever digital camera, a 5mp Sony F707, a very advanced camera in it’s time. Anyway, it seemed appropriate for Halloween. Note, if all this WABAC stuff makes sense to you then, well, you’re probably as ancient as I am. Actually I always thought of it as just the Wayback Machine. It wasn’t until I read about it on Wikipedia that I realized it was a reference to early computers such as the UNIVAC. I wonder if I knew that back then; probably not as I would not likely have cared about such things when I was nine or ten.]]>