LensWork Discussion

Brooks Jensen, editor of LensWork magazine, discussed my Opus Corvus images in his LensWork Daily post today. You can see it here.]]>

7 thoughts on “LensWork Discussion”

  1. Beautiful photo, great article! You were very well complimented, and I learned a new word (made up by the author of the article, but still…) that expresses the movement of this photo.

  2. This is going to sound weird. But I was viewing this from my iPhone and in just looking at the bird to the left at first I thought I was looking at some rendition of a jack-a-lope.

    1. You’re right Randy, that does sound weird. Another reason to dislike Apple products. (The onslaught of reactions to that by rabid Apple defenders ought to boost my website statistics.)

  3. Well I’m not sure I would exactly blame apple. I think it has more to do with looking at a b&w photo the size of a postage stamp being observed by someone who’s mind tend to wander into the obscure at times.

  4. You are right I don’t think I won’t generate much traffic. If you want traffic maybe you should put together a series of photos with five phone laying in the shape of an I. Then you could label the series “new iPhone 5” photos.

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