POTD: Art in Passing #2

Art in Passing #2 Whitefish, Montana 2012

Such scowls and bored looks; at least one person seemed to take a positive interest in something in my booth.]]>

10 thoughts on “POTD: Art in Passing #2”

  1. These are great! The way you captured the young boy in the 2nd from bottom photo and the woman in the bottom photo, especially. The woman in the bottom photo has a pose that reminds me of photos in The Sun Magazine.

    1. Thanks Carol. Seeing all these random, candid poses makes me wonder what I look like when I’m walking through the show myself; even on a good day most likely I look like the grumpiest person there.

  2. If the person you mention as being interested in your art work is the top photo, he’s in danger of ruining some prints with the precarious angle of that coffee cup! 🙂

    1. Kathy, fortunately he was standing outside the booth so the only danger was perhaps getting hot coffee on himself. Either way, I don’t think his method of holding the camera was particularly good for insuring a steady shot; thank goodness for high ISO speeds and cameras with image stabilization!

  3. Maybe I’m just on’ry, but I have a big problem with folks at art shows who bring (Aip #1-3) and use (AiP #2-1) cameras.
    Is the guy in AiP #2-1 taking photos of someone’s art (while nearly spilling his coffee)? I’d bet a pile of money he didn’t ask permission.
    If someone is that interested in an artwork, they should just buy it!

    1. I hear you James. There are some occasions when a photo of an artist’s work is appropriate but only with permission. In this case though there was nothing nefarious going on; the guy was just photographing some people down the way. Although the laws support my candid photography activity, I guess some people would object to my invasion of privacy when I photograph them in my booth.

  4. But those people came into your booth voluntarily and you took their photo. I believe this is different from them coming into your booth (your “property”) and photographing without your permission. Akin to taking photos in any business or retail establishment without permission. (Over which I lost a roll of film once…..).

  5. Well, I think I learned later that they could not legally do that. But I was uneducated at the time, and I had not asked permission to photograph in the store. So I gave up the film to the security person (dressed in plain clothes).

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