POTD: Art in Passing #1

Art in Passing #1 Whitefish, Montana 2012

Three weekends ago I participated in the art fair in Whitefish, Montana. While there were a lot of people wandering about, hardly any artist I talked to did particularly well. When sales at a show go so slowly, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out something to entertain myself besides eating (which I did way too much of because I was right next to the food court). In this case, I just started taking random candid photos of people walking into or by my booth. I found the various facial expressions interesting at times so will post some. (I hope all the scowls I recorded are due to people squinting in the bright sun rather than an expression of their judgement of my photography!) The photos look better in groups, and I have quite a few, so I’ll post several each day.]]>

3 thoughts on “POTD: Art in Passing #1”

  1. When I saw the top image I thought maybe you were referring to the art work on the couple’s bodies. Looks like they were enjoying your work.

    1. An interesting graphic on that first image indeed. I think they were enjoying being photographed as much as they were enjoying my work. (They were the only folks I asked if I could take their picture, the rest were candid photos.) The text on the t-shirt was a bit of a let-down in that I figured it would be something as provocative as the graphic itself. But it was just the name of some clothing company.

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