POTD: Living the Dream

Living the Dream Missoula, Montana 2012

Most of the repurposing of the grain elevator in Missoula has been to convert space to artist studios and shops. On the door of this one it says Briar Diggs Fine Art Photography. I don’t know what Briar’s photography looks like but I like his architectural statement.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Living the Dream”

  1. So I looked him up. You should have stopped in. He’s got some pretty nice stuff on his site and he seems to be able to fix your teeth if you needed that done too.

    1. Bruce, I looked him up as well after I submitted the POTD (www.briardiggsphotography.com for anyone interested). I was by his studio quite early in the morning so there wasn’t anyone there. But “over 1,000 framed prints in his gallery” is a lot–would have been worth stopping in for sure. Plus I have this crooked tooth….

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