POTD: Five and a Half Attitudes

Five and a Half Attitudes Budapest, Hungary 2011

I’m back in Budapest it seems (figuratively, not literally).


5 thoughts on “POTD: Five and a Half Attitudes”

  1. Love the title – and the photo. Does the “disinterested” young lady count for 1 1/2 attitudes? Or are you counting YOUR attitude as one?

    1. Thanks Judy. I was wondering if someone would ask a question about the half attitude. I was torn on how to count the person on the right with their back to the camera, so I gave him a half score.

    2. Judy this is one of those photos that doesn’t take the downsizing for the blog very well–it’s too small to see many of the details that make the photo interesting. The 6th person is considerably easier to see on a full screen version. As far as the young lady goes, if I adjusted her score, I’d give her a weight greater than one because I think the lighting on her is the best of all (not to mention she’s the cutest of the bunch). But, I see your point about scoring based on some measure of the “quality” of the attitude. (Oh my, I’d better quit. I’m starting to sound like a social scientist with that comment.)

  2. Oh, I didn’t see that person but now I do. I think the young lady only deserves a 1/2 count! Love the photo – sidewalk scenes are always so inviting.

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