POTD: Linear Housing

Linear Housing Chicago, Illinois 2011

Whenever I get a possible candidate for a POTD while processing photos, I put a small uploadable copy of it in a special folder on my computer. Once they’re used as a POTD they get moved to a different folder so I can keep track of what’s left to use. I just checked the potential POTD folder and there are 381 images in there right now, dating back to as long ago as 2007. Some of these images I’ve lost interest in and won’t ever be used, but there are still a large number I still like quite a bit. So I’m going post a rather random assortment of those over the next few days.]]>

2 thoughts on “POTD: Linear Housing”

  1. This fits well with your collection of miscellaneous bird photos (not crows and ravens). I find it so interesting that one of the four birds is such a nonconformist in that it is turned the opposite way, and all the birds would be more evenly spaced if not for the one on the end. Obviously, birds are geniuses when it comes to artistic composition….. or perhaps that acclaim goes to the photographer.

    1. Thanks Betty. I guess I can take the credit for the artistic composition given the birds aren’t able to speak up and defend their role in this. I had noticed the one bird facing the opposite direction and thought about titling the photo Against the Grain. My mathematical bent is probably what lead to Linear Housing winning out.

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