POTD: Lupine

Bozeman, Montana

Lupine is the second most common wildflower we have on our land, and the one most capable of competing for space with the Balsam Root. Together they certainly make for a colorful display.

8 thoughts on “POTD: Lupine”

  1. Again, you look like you’re living in Norway! Lupine were everywhere there. I’m loving the wildflower photos.

  2. The lupine is one of my very favorite flowers. I was hoping you would be posting a photo of some. The light is sweet on these beauties.

    1. Carol, lupine is a beautiful and showy flower. And after it rains it fun to see all the jewels (raindrops) in the center of each leaf cluster.

  3. I am enjoying your wildflower photos and have looked them up in my “Roadside Wildflowers of the Southern Great Plains” book, without any luck. I guess location does matter, but I’m thinking my book is not very comprehensive when it doesn’t show wild strawberries or lupines. I know wild strawberries grow in Kansas, but maybe the only lupines I’ve actually seen have been in cultivated flower beds. Thanks for inspiring that little bit of horticultural study.

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