POTD: Balsam Root Forest

Balsam Root Forest
Bozeman, Montana

I went out this morning to take some more flower photos and regardless of the flower species of interest, I found it was hard to take a photograph without at least one Balsam Root blossom in the background. On some slopes like this one, there seemed to be nothing but Balsam Root. It is normally the most predominant of our wildflowers but this year it seems to have really taken over.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Balsam Root Forest”

  1. You live in wildflower (and natural medicinal) heaven!

    Have you ever tried the balsam root sap as an antiseptic? Have you ever tried eating the root?

    I haven’t.

    Maybe I need to take a trip to see you guys and try out some of the products in your outdoor medicine cabinet.

    1. Carol, I haven’t tried doing anything with balsam roots except try and dig them out out way on the trails we’ve built. The roots go down forever and can be hard to dig up. They are really hardy plants, and if they roots are good eating one could certainly feast on what we have around here. Our outdoor medicine cabinet is always open to you any time you can make it up here.

  2. I’m loving the flower photos. I just got back from a trip to Norway and I can easily say your place in the mountains looks very comparable to the scenery I saw for the past two weeks. Guess I’m partial to the color photos but I really do enjoy the wildflowers – Texas had a very poor showing this year.

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