POTD: Patriot’s Dream #18

Patriot’s Dream #18
Wichita, Kansas

Only thirty-eight stars on this flag. Kansas was the fifth youngest state at the time of this flag. Quick, what’s the thirty-eighth state?

2 thoughts on “POTD: Patriot’s Dream #18”

  1. Don’t have the answer to that question but this looks like the classroom I knew as a kid – or from a scene from Christmas Story – love it!

  2. Randy Blackwood

    Well I won’t give the correct answer away. But before I looked up the answer on Wikipedia, I guessed Nebraska – (37th) and South Dakota as my possibilities. SD along with North Dakota were entered in as the 39th and 40th states on the same day. Assuming Wikipedia is true, the actual order of signing the two states into statehood is not known as the cards were shuffled and not disclosed. So I don’t know if this were horseshoes, I would be close.

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