April 2011

POTD: The Never Ending View

The Never Ending View
Bozeman, Montana

I’m thinking of taking up the challenge of seeing how far into spring and summer I can take a new photo like this every day. So far it hasn’t been that much of a challenge. Well, truthfully there’s been a few days in April without snow on the trees, but not many. This photo is from a couple of days ago and I see there’s even more snow on the branches this morning. That’s not a complaint (because I said I wouldn’t complain), just an observation.

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POTD: Snowline

Bozeman, Montana

I just took this a few days ago on our patio. That snow has since melted but there’s more on the way. However, given the tornadoes in the South yesterday, the flooding in the Midwest, and the drought in the Southwest, I think I’m going to try and refrain from complaining about our 139% above normal snow pack and the winter that just won’t go away. (I’m still going to grumble about it–just not too loudly.)

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POTD: Nowhere is Everywhere

Nowhere is Everywhere
Northeastern New Mexico

I was playing around with an antique/grunge look on this image. I kind of like it although the effect comes across a bit gimmicky to me. While I took this photo in New Mexico it occurred to me I could have taken one like it in any of the states I passed through on this trip: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho. In fact a posted a quite similar one from Wyoming a couple of weeks ago. Lots of places out here in the West look like the middle of nowhere. I’m dedicating this photo to my nephew Daniel who has been there of late, much to his dislike.

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POTD: Taos Pueblo #8

Taos Pueblo #8
Taos, New Mexico

Besides the general sweeping geometry of the view down this alley, I like the way the shadow from the wall on the left of the photo lines up almost perfectly with the bottom of the wall on the right. Why is that important? It’s not, it’s just one of those things I tend to notice and enjoy in some odd way. Or, maybe it has some astronomical significance, like the rising sun shining through a slit and falling on a particular stone at an Irish megalith only on the day of the equinox.

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