POTD: Sizing It Up

Sizing It Up
Taos, New Mexico

When I travel and take a lot of photographs it is always a struggle to decide if I want to work through the photos sequentially or just randomly cherry-pick the ones that look like the most fun to play with each day. Randomness has won the day for now as I am skipping a lot of Wichita photographs as well as some from the trip to Taos for the time being.

This out of focus photo of some gentlemen checking out a piece of property that was for sale is so blurry it seems an unlikely candidate for cherry-picking. But I thought it has merit in an impressionist sense. The blurriness takes your attention off of the specifics of the scene and allows the eye to enjoy the bright splashes of color and the warmth of the evening “magic hour.” Just to be clear, this was not a planned effect with the camera, it was due to operator error. Whether the error was fortunate or unfortunate is in the eyes of the beholder.

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