POTD: Subterranean Pilgrims

Subterranean Pilgrims
Sacramento, California

A shot from the passageway under I-5 between old and new Sacramento, which brings to mind the Dylan song with subterranean in the title, but not in the actual song lyrics. (You get baby-boomer bonus points if you can name the guy in the background of the video without googling the answer.)

Click here to watch the video.

Note: I had originally embedded the video on this post, but a couple people commented that it played automatically even though I had that option turned off in the html code for the video. Rather than trying to figure out why that option wasn’t working as it was suppose to (or if the problem was really on their end), I took the easy way out and removed the embedded file and replaced it with a link to the page. From now on, I think I’ll stick to videos from Youtube (this one was from Metacafe) as I’ve never had that problem occur with their code.

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