POTD: Wienies and Things

Wienies and Things
Rock River, Wyoming

A low budget fast-food joint. I didn’t taste the fare so can’t vouch for the franchise potential, but the start-up costs appear minimal and the look is eye-catching (even got me to take a color photo for a change).

POTD: Cafe General Repairs

Cafe General Repairs
Medicine Bow, Wyoming

For a shuttered and abandoned building, this one sure had a neat, growing-old-gracefully, appearance. I like the well-defined shapes and the texture the angled sun gives to the concrete block walls.

POTD: Blue Skies and Tailwinds

Blue Skies and Tailwinds
State Highway 487, Wyoming

After bucking too many gray winter skies and headwinds in the last few months (both literally and metaphorically) it’s nice to finally experience some blue skies and tailwinds (both literally and metaphorically). It probably takes someone with Kansas roots to think of photographing such a flat, empty landscape when there are so many mountains around. I find them very soothing, at least in the right dosage. We’ll see if I get my fill by the time I finish my visit to Wichita.

Here’s a song about going with the wind, courtesy of the Irish band The Pogues. If you need a little help translating from Irish english, the lyrics can be found here.

POTD: Arrested Development

Arrested Development
Livingston, Montana

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, take a run-down defunct hotel on the corner of the two busiest streets in town and convert it into an upscale condominium complex. Then the real estate bubble burst. Now there is an empty defunct condominium complex on the corner of the two busiest streets in town.

POTD: In the Morning When I Rise

In the Morning When I Rise
Bozeman, Montana

I took this photo of the sun trying to burn through the fog as it came up over the ridge behind our house a couple of days ago as we were on the way out our front door headed to a cafe over in Livingston for our usual Sunday morning breakfast. The title is from a Kenny Loggins song. It’s an appropriate title, but not my favorite song so I won’t post a video of it or anything. Too bad we weren’t going out the back door instead of the front door. Then I could have posted this just as happy but less sappy song from roughly the same era:

POTD: Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms
Bozeman, Montana

Quite a ways south of here, I hear Bradford Pear trees are inundating neighborhoods with springtime boughs heavy with white blossoms and covering the ground with windblown drifts of petals. Here in the Rockies, we’re still getting the same old white blossoms and drifts we’ve been seeing all winter. At least ours don’t smell (although it really stinks to wake up in the morning to see yet another snowstorm in progress).