POTD: Cattail Drama Part 3

Cattail Drama Part 3
Bozeman, Montana

Did the newcomer try and help the downed dragonfly? No, he took advantage of the situation to help himself to the willing female. And because three’s a crowd, even if one is dying, they fly off linked together in their passion.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Cattail Drama Part 3”

    1. Certainly (or at lest almost certainly) you are correct about sentiment being a purely human construct. But anthropomorphism is so much fun and almost impossible to resist. Of course for a lot of humans, that universal imperative to procreate takes us out of the rational or even sentimental realm for a while. Many a human has crashed and burned by letting that drive overwhelm all other inputs like that dragonfly seems to have done. That loneliest whale story is simply another case study in anthropomorphism perhaps.

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