POTD: Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky
Bozeman, Montana

They’re impressive but we’ve seen too many smoke-affected sunrises and sunsets like this one lately. In this particular instance, the sun is setting over a part of the Bridger Mountains burned in a fire last fall that destroyed 30 homes. So far this year all we’ve had to deal with locally is the smoke. Fingers crossed!

4 thoughts on “POTD: Fire in the Sky”


    The local weather guy here shows some beautiful pictures every night when the smoke gets out here but I’d rather the smoke would go away. Fortunately Canada has been sending down some fronts lately that push it south of here.

    It’s hard to beat it for a great picture though.

    1. I find that if I can pretend the haze in the air is from fog and rain instead of smoke, it makes the photos look so much more appealing. I’m not very successful at ignoring the cause though. That photo was from a few days ago and it’s like that most of the time recently. Last night we couldn’t even seen any mountains from our house and the Air Quality Index was 165 which is unhealthy for everyone. But then a cold front came through and cleared things out. This a.m. it was as clear as I’ve ever seen it here and the Air Quality Index was 15 which is great. The last respite from the smoke we got a couple of weeks ago lasted about 24 hours. I wonder how long this one will last.

        1. Well, for a while anyway, Canada was sending us a lot of smoke from the fires in British Columbia, but yeah, if they’re now keeping their smoke to themselves I thank them! 🙂

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