POTD: Mammoth Terrace #1

Mammoth Terrace
Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming

A dormant section of the Mammoth Terrace. A perfect choice for a monochrome image as it was largely various shades of white and off-white deposits.

2 thoughts on “POTD: Mammoth Terrace #1”

  1. I am in love with Mammoth Hot Springs. It always takes my breath away and I have seen it over and over for over 50 years.

    1. I first saw it myself back in the early 60s vacationing with my family as a kid. But after that not until the early 80s when we moved to Bozeman and have visited it frequently since then. It has changed considerably over time, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes in interesting ways (when new springs emerge) and sometime less so (when springs die). My own impression is that it used to be more spectacular in terms of activity “back in the old days” but that may just be my imagination.

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