November 11, 2020

Eighth Time’s the Charm

Back in 2007 when I took early retirement and started seriously pursuing fine art photographer I remember setting my sights on a goal for the future–to “someday” be published in LensWork magazine, the holy grail for a very large number of black and white photographers myself included. (If you are not familiar with it, LensWork is a book-quality, paper-based, anthology-style periodical publication that features portfolios of images by five or six photographers every other month.) Anyway, to my surprise and good fortune, that “someday” occurred the very next year.

After that early success, I figured the next thing to hope for was to be featured on it’s cover in a future issue. Well, after 12 years I’ve had my eighth portfolio accepted in LensWork and finally made it to the cover. Makes me feel a bit like Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, who as they wished for in the song, did get their wish and made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 1973.