POTD: Becalmed

Judith Gap, Montana

I’ve driven past the wind farm at Judith Gap many times but last week was the first time I’ve ever seen them not moving at all. I couldn’t help but wish for the usual often strong wind thinking it might have blown away some of the thick smoke that can be seen obscuring the more distant structures. But perhaps it’s just as well it was still as the wind could just as likely blown even more smoke into the area.

4 thoughts on “POTD: Becalmed”

  1. We have had clear skies for the past two days, with light winds. It is expected to change this weekend with rising winds and triple digit temperatures again. I don’t wish this smoke on anybody, it has been horrible; I hope it does not blow it your way.

    1. Allan we’ve been playing cat and mouse with the smoke here. We’ll get a couple of clear days and then the smoke moves back in. It all depends on the fickle weather patterns I guess. Aside from the smoke though the days have been very nice lately. No triple digit temps, thank goodness!

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