POTD: Paying Respects

Paying Respects
Bozeman, Montana

A chipmunk pauses to pay it’s respects to our pointer Josie in our pet graveyard. Josie was nothing but lovable around humans but basically a scourge to pretty much anything on four legs, especially squirrels although I’m sure she’d have been quite happy giving this chipmunk a good chase.

8 thoughts on “POTD: Paying Respects”

  1. I didn’t know you had such a nice memorial for Josie. It’s beautiful. I think I remember Josie from the first time we visited you. But my memory isn’t great, and I might just be remembering you talking about her.

    1. Thanks Carol. Josie died about 14 years ago I think but I just got around to carving her name on that rock this summer. She’s in our makeshift pet/animal graveyard which holds 4 dogs, a cat, and a hawk so far. You actually hiked with Josie (and Cisco, our border collie) once when you guys visited. That you don’t remember the specifics of that hike is probably a good thing as Josie wasn’t always on her best behavior on that hike.

      1. I remembered that one dog didn’t like other dogs when we were hiking.

        So it must have been Cisco who did laps inside the truck when it was moving???

        1. Yes, Josie wasn’t usually keen on other dogs that she did not know personally and Cisco was the one who brought a whole new meaning to the term lap dog.

  2. What a nice memorial!
    I do remember Josie being nothing but friendly to us two-legged guests.
    Roscoe is weirdly indifferent to squirrels, rabbits, and cats…but he’s been known to track down backyard mice and moles on more than one occasion.

    1. Thanks Dan. I wish Josie had had Roscoe’s indifference to most critters. Our dog Cody from way back wasn’t much into chasing anything but did used to dig up vole tunnels with her mouth trying to get at those little critters in the yard. I don’t know if she ever caught one and I can’t imagine a mouthful of dirt and turf taste good even to a dog but she sure was into it.

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