POTD: The Loveliest Thing You Don’t Want to See

The Loveliest Thing You Don’t Want to See
Bozeman, Montana

A savage beauty, but not the kind of photo you really want to be able to take from your porch. This is from our house in town last night–we got evacuation orders at our mountain house yesterday afternoon. The fire was several miles from the house at the time so in spite of the strong winds the rest of the day, I’m pretty sure it’s still o.k.

9 thoughts on “POTD: The Loveliest Thing You Don’t Want to See”

  1. I am glad that you have a home to go to. This is a beautiful photo. And the area of burn was beautiful before it burned. What a world… Stay safe!

    1. Thanks Carol, Kathy, Judy, Molly. We were able to return to our house for a couple of hours this morning and it is fine. The closest burned area was two miles away. We’re hoping to easily make it through today as tomorrow the weather changes dramatically–much cooler and wet.

  2. Larry your photograph and comment broke my heart because it brought back fresh memories of Margot and I fleeing our home 5 years ago. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of us leaving with fire burning on both sides of the road as we left and a helicopter dropping water maybe 50 feet away.

    Today we have no fires really close to us, but the smoke is heavy at times and ash is constantly falling in our yard.

    My heart goes out to you and Connie>

    1. Allan, I did not mean to bring back bad memories. Our house is doing fine so far with some respite due to weather to occur tomorrow. I certainly don’t mean to play up or situation here as I know for sure what we’re going through is just a fraction of what is happening in many places all over California. Those 200 emergency evacuations yesterday being just one example. Plus we are fortunate to have a nice house in town to retreat to as needed.

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