POTD: Bare Tree #37

Bare Tree #37
Bozeman, Montana

I took this photo on the same walk as those from the last two days, and like those photos can be interpreted in regard to time.

First I took this photo only a half an hour after the one of the wheel in the snow. It shows what a short bit of time and some warm ground can do to a spring snowfall. (That this tree was on a south-facing slope while the wheel was on a north-facing slope had something to do with the speed of melting as well.)

Second, I took this photo while thinking of one I took of the same downed tree some years ago. Just to test my memory, I decided to try and shoot this shot from the same spot as the previous photo. I think my memory did a pretty good job. Below is the previous photo from 2006 which I also took on a snowy day. No warm ground for that shot  though as it was November, well into the early stages of winter so the snow likely stuck around. (Note I did no cropping of either image to try and make them match more closely.)