POTD: Bare Tree #37

Bare Tree #37
Bozeman, Montana

I took this photo on the same walk as those from the last two days, and like those photos can be interpreted in regard to time.

First I took this photo only a half an hour after the one of the wheel in the snow. It shows what a short bit of time and some warm ground can do to a spring snowfall. (That this tree was on a south-facing slope while the wheel was on a north-facing slope had something to do with the speed of melting as well.)

Second, I took this photo while thinking of one I took of the same downed tree some years ago. Just to test my memory, I decided to try and shoot this shot from the same spot as the previous photo. I think my memory did a pretty good job. Below is the previous photo from 2006 which I also took on a snowy day. No warm ground for that shot  though as it was November, well into the early stages of winter so the snow likely stuck around. (Note I did no cropping of either image to try and make them match more closely.)


5 thoughts on “POTD: Bare Tree #37”

  1. I thought I posted a comment yesterday but apparently it didn’t go through. I was impressed that you remembered you had previously taken a picture of this tree – and that you could locate that photo AND remember exactly where you stood when you took that picture!

    1. Judy, you did post a comment yesterday and I saw it but did not have time to respond right away. Sorry about that. I will respond to this one and delete the other. That tree is not far from our house and I walk by it once in a while so it’s easy to remember where it is. The photo of it way back when is part of a collection of tree photos that was published some years ago and it is one of that collection that I really like so that is why I remember I photographed it. It was a nice surprise that I did get so close to duplicating the angle and framing of the photo because when I’ve tried that before with other images I find my memory of a photo and the reality differ quite a bit. This is one example I guess, that at least some of my brain cells are still functioning pretty well!

      1. Sorry I was so impatient… I think you have a LOT of your brain cells still functioning well. Again, impressed with your memory regarding these photos. I have spent a lot of time lately organizing all of my digital photographs. I knew it would be a huge project so this shelter-in-place order offered the perfect opportunity to do that. Now to tackle all those years of prints before digital!

        1. I’m terrible at organizing digital photos or anything else. The shelter in place business may have given me more time for things but organizing anything is way down the list of things I might choose to do. Before I retired I had this idea that after retirement I would finally get my shop, my office etc. in good order. But after a few years, nothing had changed in that regard. I finally decided to face the fact that I am just one of those folks who always has something better to do than organizing anything. So now I just accept that my spaces will always be in some degree of disarray. Digital photos may be a bit of an exception I suppose. Several years ago I made myself start keywording images as soon as I downloaded them on my computer, before I do any processing of them or anything. So far I’ve stuck to that consistently. I’ve even gone back and keyworded quite a lot of the photos from before I started that habit. Of course with keywording it’s hard to decide what keywords to use, how detailed to get with them, etc. But even basic keywording can cut down the searching considerably when you are looking for something. I have 87,000 photos on my computer right now so even paring the list I need to look at to find something down to even 1-2,000 helps a lot.

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