POTD: It’s a Beautiful Day

It’s a Beautiful Day
Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Every time I see this kind of puffy clouds in a blue sky–but especially in this scene because of the rock pinnacle–I think of the cover art on the album It’s a Beautiful Day from 1969. All my photo is missing is a woman on top of the pinnacle.

It’s a Beautiful Day
Album Cover, Columbia Records

I just learned today that the album cover was based on (ripped off from?) the 1912 painting Woman on Top of a Mountain by Charles Courtney Curran.

Woman on Top of a Mountain
Charles Courtney Curran

4 thoughts on “POTD: It’s a Beautiful Day”


    Before scrolling down I though it might have been the U2 version which is good but so is the one you were referring to and so is the picture. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks. After I typed the name for the image because of the likelness to the ’69 album cover, the U2 song started running through my head for some reason, not the one from the eponymous album. Weird how our minds work sometimes. (Or mine anyway.)

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